About The
Education Advocates

Why we do what we do

Ms Lesley and Ms Esther started The Education Advocates based on a shared belief that education creates change in our community.

Our Values

Patience, Compassion, Resilience and Community

With a strong emphasis on the process and creating space for learning to happen, the Ea team embodies these values from our material to the classroom.

Our Goals

Journeying with our students in exploration and discovery:

Learning to ask good questions, to be brave enough to make mistakes (and learn from them), and to be open to possibilities.

Who are we?

Ms Esther Leng

Founder, English Teacher

Our History

A lover of the English Language, Ms Esther believes that learning a language is an adventure that requires patience and creativity. She makes it a point to discuss current affairs with her students to ensure they are aware and informed about the world outside their oysters, and to share her love for reading with her students. 

It is no secret that she loves Children’s Literature and fills the Ea Library with books she has enjoyed. Ms Esther sees every student as a unique individual and cares deeply about their holistic development even as she equips them with thinking skills.

Who are we?

Ms Lesley Chan

Founder, English Teacher

Our History

A force to be reckoned with in the classroom, Ms Lesley keeps her students engaged from the time they step into the classroom. With more than ten years of specialising in teaching Primary school English, Ms Lesley’s experience lends her a deep understanding of how to best prepare her students for academic success.

With her dynamic personality and thorough methodology, Ms Lesley ensures that she stretches all her students’ abilities and works at addressing their specific areas of weaknesses.

With a combined teaching experience of more than 30 years, the Education Advocates will confidently equip every student with the necessary skills to excel in the English Language.

Our Location

10 Jalan Serene, 
Serene Centre, #02-12,
Singapore 258748