Kindergarten 2 English and Mathematics

About the Programme

With a focus on keeping learning fun, the English programme introduces students to reading for understanding and comprehension, sentence structure and vocabulary. Complementing the English programme, the Mathematics programme aims to build a foundation in number sense, counting and problem solving.

English and Mathematics are taught in separate 90minute lessons to better prepare students for Primary 1.

Using engaging and interesting Children’s Literature as well as a combination of fun activities, students are exposed to the various components of English in Primary School. With the fundamentals built on reading for understanding, spelling and basic grammar, students learn through fun.

Building a foundation in number sense through fun manipulatives and engaging materials, the Mathematics syllabus is designed to for Primary 1 readiness. Covering basic counting up to a 100, number recognition, concepts including more than and less than and basic addition, this programme ensures that students are more than ready for Primary 1 Mathematics.


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