Our Team

Ms Esther Leng
Director, English Specialist (Primary and Secondary), Curriculum Writer
A lover of the English Language, Ms Esther believes that learning a language is an adventure that requires patience and creativity.
Ms Lesley Chan
Director, GEP English Specialist (Primary), Curriculum Writer
A force to be reckoned with in the classroom, Ms Lesley keeps her students engaged from the time they step into the classroom.
Ms Jo Sohee
English Teacher (Lower Primary)
Ever patient, Ms Jo takes the younger ones through an adventure of learning through stories and fun.
Ms Kannagi
Mathematics Specialist (Primary), Curriculum Writer
With a strong belief that learning should be fun and relevant, Ms Kannagi uses real life examples in her teacher and injects laughter into every lesson.
Mr Aw
Mathematics (Primary)
Mr Aw is an experienced and current MOE teacher who has been teaching for more than 15 years, specialising in Mathematics and Science.
Ms Xuan
Administrative and Marketing Executive
Ms Xuan's bubbly personality and love for all things pastel endears her to students.