Ka Ing is a girl likes to write stories but had been struggling with write compositions in school because she could not see any room for her to express herself creatively which resulted in her losing interest not only in writing compositions but also reading.

After attending classes at Ea, Ka Ing has rediscovered her love for writing and reading again, and looks forward to her lessons at Ea. Now, her school compositions have improved and she feels more confident in coming up with her own unique ideas, even writing two full pages in 45 minutes is not a problem. It is great to see her enjoying the process of brainstorming and writing school compositions. Also, Ka Ing looks forward to borrowing books from the library at Ea as every book is interesting and seems to have been chosen with care. The teachers also make a point to discuss the books with the students, which has encouraged Ka Ing to read more!

Ka Ing shared with me that the teacher is really important as it has made the difference for her and that she loves Ms Esther even if Ms Esther is strict in class. I am thankful that Ms Esther is able to inspire her to keep trying and working hard even if the task seems difficult. Passionate teachers at Ea who teach from the heart make a big difference.

Write recount story makes her happy and she hates to write  about school composition style as she was struggling yo write to base of pictures given and she find it not fun and to and loss her interest in writing and she also loss interest in reading.

But after I send to EA Ms Esther compo class Ka Ing became better willing to write and gain back het interest back reading more story books she likes to talking about story she had read with Ms Esther and every week she looking forward to Ms Esther class. Now Ka Ing is getting better in her a school compo no stress and idea can easy pop out and she able to write 2 full pages for school compo with 45 mins in class.

Ka Ing shared with Mummy a teacher really matter to her as she likes Ms Esther because she felt that chemistry is very important with her and her teacher so she can be better. And all she needs is a teacher could understand her and always encourage her even if is no good.

Ka Ing loves Ms Esther is very passion in teaching and is very caring teacher although some of Ms Esther think Ms Esther is firm and strict act like monster but actually Ms Esther is very caring teacher that teach from her hear.

Thanks you Ms Esther for always so patient guiding Ka Ing.

My son Christopher has been attending EA for 4 years since he was in P2. Though he loves to read, I found that he had a real problem writing coherent compositions. His composition structure was poor and his use of language was dismal. It was then that I approached Miss Esther to see if she could help. She is a really experienced teacher and is extremely familiar with the local school system and requirements. She managed to untangle his meanderings and he is now doing rather well in English. I think it was also because we had a period where we had a term of 1-1 sessions that she was able to really focus on his shortcomings and arrest the problems he had.

At EA they are also really flexible with finding a suitable class. As his English improved they even managed to put him in an Advanced class so he could learn from other stronger students. Miss Esther is also extremely encouraging and English tuition with her really hardly feels like tuition. Chris always looks forward to coming to EA and I never have to drag him there.

Furthermore their library of books though modest in number is rich in good literature, and Chris often comes home with great books to read.

Miss Esther thank you for being such a great teacher to Chris and always answering my never-ending queries. You’re the best!