Primary English

About the Programme

We offer a regular English Programme from Primary 1 to Primary 6, a Creative Writing Programme for Primary 5 and Primary 6, while the Mathematics Programme is offered from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

We also offer a GEP English Programme from Primary 4 to Primary 6. Materials for Primary 4 and 5s would be catered to the GEP common tests and syllabus but in Primary 6, the material will be geared towards preparing for the PSLE.

This programme covers all components of the English Language paper except for Listening Comprehension. The main components covered in the programme are Composition and Comprehension Open Ended. These two components are paired with the lesser components that form the building blocks of the language – Grammar, Vocabulary, Synthesis and Transformation as well we Cloze Passages. With a strong emphasis on learning language as a skill and nurturing thinkers and learners, our lessons are planned with the student in mind. In line with the Ea Way, there is a strong emphasis on analysis, skills and time taken to learn.

We believe that students should have a personal writing style and should learn to think critically about storylines. As such, there is no memorising of model compositions or using of unnecessarily bombastic vocabulary to artificially boost their writing. Students learn to develop their own writing, decide on a storyline that fulfils all the criteria and be creative while doing all that. We take joy in nurturing thinkers and take the time to allow our students to enjoy the process.


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